True To Jesus!  

    Awareness In Our Walk With Him

"Are They True Servants Of God?"

A Question We Will All Have To Ask Ourselves

More Often - Even Now

Friends, in this Day and Age, there will be many Fake Miracle Workers and also False Prophets who don’t have the Sanction of God in their lives –

attention is drawn to them rather than JESUS.


Some of these have been around for years and the Church has been totally ignorant of that. William Marion Branham: many godly servants of God wish they could do such miracles for those in need. His so-called miracles were all Fake, and his prophecies Fake as well, it has been proven now, even by a Grandson who tells All on YouTube, to alert Believers. The "prophesies" for instance, were falsified afterwards. Even another Televangelist most of you deeply respect and preachers admire with worldwide acclaim has been exposed as Fake by various Godly Men and a Nephew, also over YouTube.

False Prophets abound on the Scene, just like Jesus said they would in OUR DAY. And this will make some of you uncomfortable I know, most of them are on the Pentecostal Scene. I’m talking about “Christian Prophets”……….This brings Matthew 7:22 to light, when The Lord said to us "Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but only he who does the Will of My Father in Heaven. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of Iniquity."

Until now, those words have been confusing to many - religious denominations have been saying Miracles Etc stopped with the Early Church while Pentecostal and some Evangelicals say No, that's part of Full Gospel. Even the Apostle Paul tells us that the Gifts of the Spirit will Continue until the Perfect has Come. And that's not yet my friend, is it? So the Genuine Gifts are manifest through Genuine Servants of God, "YES" and will continue to be through Many Believers in these Last Days (this is already taking place in certain places) but sorry to let you know there is a rapidly growing number of False Prophets hitting the Pentecostal Scene now and have been for some time, in addition to Phony Televangelists (many of you are aware of) and more False Miracle Workers are about to appear on the Scene next, so watch out for them!

Jesus did mention the “WHEAT and TARES”……… Many of you are simply not recognizing them (who is of God and who is Not). You are relying on your Pastor’s judgement. They’re not around 24/7. If they are Bible School Trained (by Christian institutions) and not Called by The Lord, they can be as ignorant as you.

Sometimes the Enemy can delude a sincere Christian like Kat Kerr, a False Prophetess who Loves Jesus, makes mention of His Blood and speaks about stomping out our enemies, and this same dear lady says she has many “Trips to Heaven” and some of her descriptions go like this: There are Rodeos and Hamburgers in Heaven, worldly events sinners would maybe fantasize – Scripture says there will be no cruelty and no more death. She also describes one part of Heaven like Disneyland with roller-coasters (Children’s Fantasy Hour Program) and Sky Homes with Modern Conveniences like the Jetsons (TV Fantasy Series). Friends, it doesn’t matter how many better sounding things she reports from her "Visits to Heaven” that information is already unfounded by Scripture: The Apostle Paul speaks of False Preachers having all manner of Visions being inflated with Sensual Imagination. The majority of which draws much more attention to themselves than they do to The Lord – so typical – do be informed. Don’t plead ignorance later because you wouldn’t listen to Scripture and Commonsense, hey?

My Story In Part

What right do I have to say such things? What is my experience in such matters? I Certainly do not claim to have flawless discernment or do I go looking for demons but in a nutshell, my story goes something like this: I Experienced New Birth at the age of 12 and spontaneously spoke in several different languages (not realising it was the Spirit of God praying through me) when His Presence enveloped me in response to saying to myself in the sunshine one day (with no religious background) “I wonder what it would be like if God became one of us and He knew how we think and feel?” It was a one off experience at that time. And the next morning the Holy Spirit showed me that Jesus is God (made manifest). Just days later, a Catholic Aunty came to visit us in the country from far away, the other side of the city. I mentioned I felt really close to God and she replied “I know what to do, become a Catholic.” I did not find any need to ask for advice but she gave it anyway.

She meant well, the Enemy did not. I lost the sense of His Presence very quickly that way, engaging in all those religious exercises (the further He seemed away). I called out “Lord, I can’t find you!" many times in my school lunch hour, so many times in religious routines, so many days, I gave up on God in disillusion weeks later. Round the same time, my dad abandoned my Mum and myself for “a strange lady I’d never seen before”……..this was two months before my Mum had my baby Sister. Following that, we lived in the suburbs where I went into a full swing major nervous breakdown. They thought I had Schizophrenia, I was so shattered. I could not feel comfort from God because I was already disillusioned, remember? My Mum got me out of the Medical Scene quickly – they can be somewhat heavy for young people at a delicate age. Following that, I was pretty empty through my teen years.

Needless to say, when Jesus intervened in my life again at the age of 20, my heart and spirit were filled with Songs and the Presence of Jesus was with me again as before, He was not about to lose me to religion and disillusion again, when a spiritually broke pastor from the Church of Christ streets away and a Seventh Day Adventist said “Are you sure what you’re doing?” to me (exactly the same words weeks apart). Some months later, I felt to go into that Church of Christ building one day when passing by. I found about six people sitting in a side room with the pastor discussing how they might keep their Church alive – numbers had been dwindling, they said and Jesus put words in my mouth for them. They welcomed me in but took no notice. A few months after that the Branch closed down.

But Jesus did say to us that “A Child Shall Lead Them” aye? I was a Spiritual Babe at the time but the words He gave me were simple and profound. Ever had your child speak to you? The Adventist went away, back to his home town, and other Adventists across the road invited me to a service – they talked more about health than they did about God and I found it strange, so I went on my way singing Songs with The Lord, enjoying His Presence.

Then months later, my brother who had gone to New Zealand to follow the Branham Cult, got up and packed his bags, uprooted his family to come back to Australia to convert me into that – thinking I was mixed up because I had not found his “doctrine” yet. When they arrived in Australia, he came to visit Mum and gave me a book to read without delay – I found it strange and the WMB teaching (what little I read) and promptly gave the book back to him, saying to myself “That isn’t for me!” When reading just a few pages, I had a sense of condemnation come over me and said “Help No, Jesus just saved me from that when He came into my life” and just then, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention, how strangely aberrant his words were. I found exactly the same thing a few months later when I went to one of my brother's meetings to appease him, the once. They were all sitting down, watching WMB preach on a projector film. He was condemning Sinners and Christians and then he drew a whole lot of attention to himself instead of Christ – NO Servant of God in Scripture Ever did That. It was devoid of the Spirit, but they were all idolizing him and mesmerized by the deception of it all. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to leave afterwards!

But the JWs (Jehovahs Witnesses) and Mormons perceived the Reality of Jesus in my life to be a threat and could not compete with that, so they did not come again. They even instructed their converts not to come to our door.  Because they noticed the difference in my heart and life when Jesus came in. I forgot to let you know, I totally forgot the New Birth experience after that Nervous Breakdown until the age of 30 when The Lord brought it clearly back to my memory. I had the same experience with several different languages when Jesus again, baptized me with the Holy Spirit 10 months later.

Through the years, my brother did not give up his efforts from time to time, to convert me from JESUS to WMB. Actually, that Cult spends

more time trying to convert Christians than Sinners – you have to suspect something wrong with that, hey? But do be Very Careful.

Through the years, I’ve encountered people in Christian Cults and a few from the New Age Movement. The Holy Spirit taught me about them.

I’ve also had experiences with a few Muslims, Mormons and JWs where Jesus did something remarkable for them and a miracle on a few occasions in answer to my prayers they knew I prayed. Glory to Jesus, not to me please, I’m Saved by Grace like you.

This I will say: He did one unmistakable thing for each of them (only) and then expected them to come to Him and ask Him personally. There was also a young married woman from a rich family in India who was in a poor situation here – a pretty Hindu girl. She was healed from depression which kept her indoors most the time. I met her at her local shopping center, where I offered to take her home. There was seemingly nothing wrong, in gratitude she poured out her heart to me. I quietly offered to pray to Jesus for her and requested that she pray to no-one else - she agreed - it was lovely to see the change when I visited her two days later (happy and peaceful). I also told her that Jesus would be offended if she prays to other gods (when I prayed). Friends, we can ALL do this with simple faith and compassion, when Jesus gets the Glory!

For a time, I related with these people from those religions and Drews (Muslim and Christian Mixed, similar to Chrislam) from the Middle East

and the Holy Spirit prayed through me in fluent Arabic on two occasions – I was unaware of before they interpreted those words with great joy and astonishment. In recent years, He has led me away from these religious people who have mostly moved on. There was a young Buddhist married girl who could scarcely walk and was paralyzed with fear in hospital years ago, where a fellow believer and myself (as patients at the time) got together and said a one off prayer of agreement for her. Just after, The Lord was Good to her – she was healed and went home with her husband and children, leaving her address with us.

So don’t say it was me who did those things. THANK YOU JESUS! That’s why I mention an occasional testimony separately instead of together, because people get awestruck sometimes if I mention a few of them together and can be distracted from the precious message that Jesus really does Love them and wishes to relate with them personally. The Christian feels overwhelmed with joy and says “The Lord is really using YOU” …… in either case, the emphasis shifts from JESUS and that is so sad to me.  So most of the time through the years, I would rather refrain. He opened those doors and closed them for a reason, to be a Living Witness of JESUS to them and to give me insight and understanding of them, how they felt as human beings and their religious practices, for days to come.

In The Years Between Those Early Years And Later Years.

There is something I must tell you. Although I was not consciously aware many times, the Holy Spirit was giving the Gift of Discernment, with Christian Preachers and Authors, I felt to Avoid or just did not witness to in my spirit – sometimes I had no inclination to follow up someone’s preaching or music that was recommended by quite spiritually mature Christian Friends. I had to make up my mind (so to speak) if it was Jesus Inner Witness or my Friends Opinions that mattered most, on two different occasions. Without delay my decision was made – it was JESUS Regardless, even if they felt different about me, and we did have a mutual respect between us. One of them stopped phoning me. She was not so inclined anymore. She had no animosity though, she just wanted to go with questionable things she heard in a one week conference. Someone The Lord showed me has mixed revelations, unstable. Sometimes The Lord may even ask you to take a Stand with Him at the cost of a valued Friendship. It’s the matter of who you Value More. Sometimes, He will just lead you to take them quietly to Him in prayer instead, and watch Him work –

it may take time.

Amazing how certain preachers etc my spirit did not witness to through the years (I had no inclination to buy Audio Sermons or Books with appealing titles that sounded good) have turned out to be Fake, unbalanced, extremists, whatever and are being warned about now – certain heresies exposed, plagiarism etc that have been in Pentecostal scenes for years and respected by many. The Lord knows well, how to Protect us, if we have a teachable spirit rather than impressionable liking for Preachers and Leaders and easily influenced.

For some years, I’ve learned far more by observation, when the Spirit moves in my heart, in the Prophetic, than if I was in Pastoral Office and then called to Prophetic Office (Ephesians 4). So don’t think that Time is being wasted if you’re not selected by Men and Women “ in The Ministry” to join their numbers (so to speak) He could have other plans for you. Your personal walk with Jesus and family should be high priorities. If the Hand of God is really on you, do you not remember Jesus said “………the last shall be first” and what if you’re not? Is it Jesus’ Will and Plan for your Life you desire the most or your own aspirations, good as they may be?

An All Too Often Mistake Of Many

I’ve known a few Christian women who have made shipwreck of their lives or have “totally missed it” that way – going where their aspirations led them or feeling inferior to “so many leaders” and this has caused them to step out and do the wrong thing because they felt intimidated by the “Church Leadership Model” and felt they did not measure up. One of these women did not have to work, she was a Wonderful Wife and Mother – she devoted much precious time to her family and had a heart to Serve them and there was a real beauty about her. Then intimidation took over. One day she said something like “Everyone knows their calling but me. Everyone’s doing something, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t have plans for later on - no purpose. I’m thinking of going for the Ministry – I will take on University Studies” which was the direct opposite to what The Lord had already given her AND she was Happy In.

She even said to me in the same conversation “I am not sure about this though. I will really miss my Children through so many study hours and

I know they’re going to miss me a Lot with my attention elsewhere. Her husband spends a few weeks away working on a regular basis and she was always prepared and waiting to give to him her undivided attention each time he came home and she would fill his desires with family times of “togetherness” after missing them while he’s away. See how confusion and discontent comes in and sweeps us away from God’s Best sometimes?

See, what a precious Calling she had that filled her with Joy so many times? That’s not a Calling!?

Friends, this thing called “Ministry” Today is much Over-rated. To be very honest with you, it really is. And I’ve seen so much strife behind the scenes through the years, where Jesus would lead me to step in and give an Encouragement or a few 'Simple and Profound Words'. The Modern Day Church has so much to answer for – the Pattern Christ gave His Body (The Church) has become so distorted – It really has. And where believers are concerned, so many “Leaders” produces “Weak Christians” unequipped for these End Times. I saw this in my spirit years ago and knew it was Coming if things did not Change Dramatically. And here it is!

That's why I felt to commence this website, to give some necessary insights, we all need NOW in this Day and Age - we're here Now,

the contents of this website are relevant Now. We All need to be Aligned to JESUS and what HE is Speaking. Do Not expect Pastors and Leaders to do that for you. That's making the same mistake the people of Israel made when they kept saying to Moses and Aaron "You seek The Lord for us".........and the secret is this: if each one of them had established a Close Walk With God themselves, the Promised Land was only a few days journey, but they weren't ready - they kept on leaving things to the Pastors, so to speak. And just like so many Christians Today, they kept on saying "we haven't made it there yet (to the things God promised) it's been a Long Time and it isn't getting any closer." Does that sound familiar? In a nutshell, that's pretty much what they said. Personally, I favor the restoration of Home Churches which are coming back now because everyone Seeks The Lord for themselves during the week and they all get together to Share Real Fellowship.
This is certainly Safer than following Celebrity Preachers or having the spiritual life in you stifled with so many "Leaders"

Believers are reaching out to people in their communities instead, seeing them blessed by The Lord like I have through the years.

There is an emphasis on FAMILY also.

How rewarding and fulfilling is that? I wish you all well.


Please Note: I did not pray for any of the people I mentioned to you prophetically but Simply as a Believer.

The Lord thrives to a challenge (so to speak) He likes it when we pray for people who don't know Him yet, and He has these opportunities for His Goodness to be Evident to them. Why sit in Services each weekend, waiting for Pastors and Evangelists to

pray prayers for us? Each one of you, Press In to Know The Lord More - stop distancing from Him and Come Close.

We do this best by Prayer-Reading His Word.

Picture This: If someone mentions an important need to us, we don't run to a Pastor to pray for them or "invite them to a service"

but that's exactly what the Constantine Model of Local Churches has taught us to do all these years. That's why he made the Church a State Institution. And that's why there's so many Leaders GOOD and BAD.

We need to Return To The Pattern, believe me, it will be Better and Safer

because it's CLOSE to the Heart of God!

What My Readers Are Saying

Some websites have content which does not disappoint the Christian, you have content

which does not disappoint our Master. I like all your websites!

Michael from Australia