True To Jesus!  

    Awareness In Our Walk With Him

They've Totally Missed It

Much of the following has been in my spirit for a very long time

and I'm going to release it. The old and new together.

Many of you are going to be glad you read it and some are going to be sad you read it. That depends how important

the Voice of the Spirit is in your heart and life and how central Jesus Really Is to you.

To those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, I trust this remains with you and produces fruit. If not, I can't help that,

I've played my part in writing it, you play yours and take it to The Lord.

I'm fully aware that some of you will be content to leave it at the "Information Stage" and live as usual -

unchanged and unchallenged (some of it is challenging) that will not benefit you.


In this address to Believers. I intend to show you how Church Leaders have missed it.

Even through stages of Reformation, it has still been missed. and just like other things have been resisted by Pastors and Christians like

Salvation by Grace, Water Baptism, Healing and Miracles, Praying in other languages that accompanies Baptism of the Spirit,

Gifts of the Holy Spirit like Prophecies, Words of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom only The Lord can give us (when they're genuine) Prophetic

and Apostolic Ministries being Restored (though many are immature and some are false) this is going to be resisted more than any other

I feel because the Pastors still pretty much run the show - if you'll pardon the expression -

it pretty much describes the way things are and it does have something to do with why not many Healings and Miracles are taking place

- even with the Prophesies and Prophetic Ministry etc If you are offended, don't be so quick to switch off and leave the Page.

Many are not aware of things I'm going to say here in this Page but some are aware of the next few paragraphs.

We ALL Need To Know These Things!

And for many of you, certain things are going to make a lot of sense. You are also going to know why so much of what goes on

in the Church (Churches) does Not make Sense, when we compare them with New Testament Scripture, and there has been a growing

discontent with the way things are. For all the TALK about Returning to the Ways of the Early Church (and many claim to do that)

there is still a lot of ignorance that exists in the hearts and lives of Christians AND Pastors. And with God's Grace,

I am going to show you why the best of intentions with different Churches doesn't work so often,

when we take a good honest look at why/how Healings and Miracles ARE Absent Most The Time.........

if your response is "YES" please read on.

In fact, there was a Revivalist who came to our City some years ago in Australia. A big Conference for Christians

was held in a big venue where many Christians and Pastors attended. This event was called IN THE GLORY because real Healings and

Miracles were going to be there. The Revivalist was called that because many places he went to across the world broke out

in real genuine Revival. Our City however was not prepared for that, so less Healings and Miracles occurred -

Faith was a bit Low in those who attended (most of them came to witness them take place).

When a few Signs and Wonders took place that brought Glory to God, many Christians got excited (emotionally speaking)

and many staggered in disbelief. Also, the following night it was said over the platform by someone who hosted the Event,

that "several Pastors fled from the premises and spread evil reports".......... so unconditioned was our City for

Occasions where God Does Show Up. Friends, these were Pastors who claim to have

Salvation and Healing in their Churches and profess to "believe in miracles" if you please, that's right!

That's pretty much the problem of the Christian Church Worldwide, if you think about it, is it not?


Not many Healings and Miracles occur in most Evangelical AND Pentecostal Churches and we will look into the REASONS for THAT.

Not many Christians live Normal Christian Lives (including pastors) that are portrayed in the New Testament, hey?

That was Normal Christianity - what we see Today is Not.

Do You Know Why This Is So? The Main Reason Overlooked

Believe it or not, The Church System of Local Churches is not really Scriptural, like it is thought to be.


Let me explain. The Truth of the matter is:

That Concept was introduced by Constantine (A Roman Emperor changed the Times and Seasons including

things pertaining to the Church. It became a State Institution and has been since. Even Sunday was named after the Sun God.

Hierarchy and Clergy replaced the Early Fathers in the Faith who were there to maintain and protect the Faith).

That was Not the Pattern handed down to the Church (The Body of Christ) by JESUS and the APOSTLES.

Some may say "That was just History and has nothing do with us now."

That is the reason why Churches are so Inundated with Leaders and Submission Mentality

when JESUS SAID "It Shall Not Be So Among You" the very system the Gentiles had that Constantine Introduced.

Everything Starts Somewhere!

Instead of the Church functioning as the Body of Christ, it was basically run by the Roman Empire. And that's when the Church itself

went into Deception and appointed a Pope in place of CHRIST (                    ) various heresies and indulgences were introduced

(some of which still exist in the Roman Catholic Church Today) and The Church (Body of Christ) Waned In POWER.

Even though the Christian Church for the most part, has broken away from the practices of Catholicism, the obvious still remains:


The Rule of Submission to Authority still runs rampant and the same Pastors who tell you The Pope doesn't take the Apostle Peter's place

and Peter did not run Christ's Church - The Lord Himself is Over His Church, are quick to Call Themselves Your Covering

which is in Contrast to what we are told in Scripture that GOD HIMSELF IS OUR COVERING.

If you want to make a fallible man/men your covering and the one you submit to, that is the problem with the Church Today -

too much of Man and too little of Jesus. We sell ourselves short that way and we short-change JESUS.


Yet so many of God's Precious Children go around saying "Where do you go, who's your covering?"

They will quickly say "You're not in submission!" if you can't give them the response they want. That's because they've been taught that way

and they don't know any better. Some of them will sound quite "spiritual"............the problem is, how much and how often do they hear the

Voice of The Lord in their spirit; how often are they Led of the Lord and take Directions from Him in Scriptures? (personally).

I put it to you, that these dear Christians are "Churchy" rather than Spiritual.

Pastors bottle-feed Christians with Fancy Sermons or other (the best they can from bible school lessons) some are more natural, some are more gifted with words. Some give lots of Scriptures and their listeners mistakenly don't find the need to Search the Scriptures for themselves, others seldom refer to Verses of Scripture, a sure sign of Caution (a recipe for Lifeless Christianity or path to deception).

Whatever, without question, the "Pastor is In Charge" all of them - each man with his church, and what he says goes (plus the leaders of-course).

Some Churches are like Corporations with a Network of Pastors, Administrators and Counsellors, they pride themselves on being "professional" if you please!

With the best of intentions, as long as the Constantine Model of Church Exists, the way it is Today - unchanged, not dealt with,

we will Not See POWER In The CHURCH (Body Of Christ) because the PATTERN IS WRONG.

So what does it have to do with us? It has a lot to do with us - as much as Adam and Eve do., they show us why we are born

with a Sin-Nature and why there is so much Evil in the World. Constantine shows us where things went Wrong with the Church

and the reason so many good living people stay clear of it - they Sense it is Unhealthy. That's very different to how people

felt about the Early Christians and the way they Met Together!

It Answers A Lot Of Questions Actually.

1) It explains why the Church (Christians) lack so much Power - because a "habit of church attendance" has replaced True Christian Living.

It's either Religious or Entertaining. Commitment has no importance to the majority of "Christians" .......... besides, The Lord is Choosy

who He will trust His Real Power to.........He's Wiser than we give Him credit for.

2) It explains why the Church (Christians) lack so much Love - Because the majority of us don't have True Fellowship.

The Fellowship of Early Christians placed high priority on Loving Each-Other and the Apostles Encouraged this all the More.

The Intimacy in their time of Fellowship was so contagious it became Visible to people living nearby and they wished to join them.

3) It explains why Christians don't carry the Joy of The Lord - because we're not Truly FILLED with the Holy Spirit

(we have reduced Him to a Prayer Language, that we seldom engage in. We know the Holy Spirit very little as a Person.

We're not really interested in what He has to say in our spirit from Jesus because we're more interested in hearing preacher's

OR things in the World have become more appealing because "Services are Boring" (that's because Churches traded the Leading

and Gifts of the Spirit years ago to do their own thing. Social Gospel followed after that - thus He was Grieved and His Presence

left the Services - they were Ours Not His.

At best, it is Institutional. And don't be offended when I call it that because many real Servants of The Lord have come out with the same expression

when HE HAS Opened Their Eyes. Some Pastors have left the Local Church Scene and commenced Home Churches or Home Church Movements -

other names for this are Simple Church and Organic Churches. No chemicals added:)

What are Home Churches? These are House Churches like we find in the Book of Acts (chapter three) and Romans 16 (Paul gives his salutations

to a lot of them at the end of that Chapter). Just like the People of Israel, Believers used to Pray and Worship and Meet Together in their Homes

every week or through the week. They also used to gather geographically (not as Local Churches) to hear the Apostles Teach on occasions -

remember, they did not have a Bible like we do Today?

Third Century Changes In Christianity

In fact, apart from House Churches, the Bible was the first thing go - kept out of the hands of Christians - when the Papacy of Rome took place.

When a Catholic person tells you they were the Original Church, that's true in a sense of speaking, and nothing to be proud of really because

that's when the Church of God went into Error after Constantine deliberately messed with it. He considered the Church as it was, to be a

Threat to his worldly kingdom - he was Power-Hungry for everyone's allegiance and Christians represented God's Kingdom, Living for JESUS.

The best way he could deal with that threat was seemingly offering the Church acceptance instead of fighting it. He knew that persecution

just made the Christians Stronger previously, so try a few tactics instead, that will fix the problem. And that he did. It was such a shrewd

maneuver. Kind of like "give them power (acceptance) deploy their Power (in God). That about sums it up, the Affect that had on Christianity.

A Question I Have For Ministries

How come you Pastors AND Prophetic Ministries who know about the History of This, have done nothing about it, in your part of His Vineyard?

Do I take that to mean, you have Invested Interests - you would have less income, less influence? Tell me, if you're so keen to Serve God and His People,

why you have not done some serious thinking and addressed this very important matter with your people? Do I take that to mean they are

Your Flock NOT God's Flock? A disturbing Question isn't it?

And you know, it's equally disturbing to me for some years now, that you have not Seen the Seriousness of the Constantine Model of "Church"

and that you Strive to Maintain it - against Jesus' Wishes because He Gave Us The TRUE PATTERN, that was Honored by the Apostles.


Tell me, Servant of God, has the COUNSEL OF GOD Changed because Constantine changed things and you like them that way?

OR maybe, does that Need Correcting? In our part of His Vineyard at-least. A Call for some real Soul-Searching here. If you now realise how important this matter is - that you as Pastors have been working against, and you as Prophetic Ministries have been supporting that which is expressly against the PLAN and PURPOSE of God Almighty. And you keep saying to your people "The Healings and Miracles are Coming........Signs and Wonders, the whole thing........we will do this and we will do that........." raising Hopes and tickling appetites for "Spiritual Things"


Yes it's only Half the Story. The Time Awaiting Us IS The Day for Believers.

I don't think you See the Full Picture!

Many of you will have to Stand Back, give them Space and Watch - your Ministry will become a thing of Less Importance

"I must Decrease that He may Increase"

Most Ministries Today don't know the First thing about that.

This will be the Order of the Day that's Coming, when the Spirit of God breaks loose, so practice Now

and be BE AN EXAMPLE to His Flock. That was the Apostle Paul's Top Priority for Servants of God. And HE LIVED IT.

If you don't like those conditions..........You Should Be Out of There!

No More Half Stories Now, The Christians (usually) are Not Ready for this End-Time Move and neither are Most of You.

In fact many of you Get Your Information Second Hand, Not The Lord - you would not have the Time or the Patience or the Desire to get Close 

to the Heart of God to hear these things for yourself, but you seek to keep face with "Your Flock" and make a Good Impression - you dare not let them go elsewhere for Spiritual Food, hey? I detest the behavior of some who snatch the goods from those who have Ears to Hear and run to tell it to their congregations. Even if you are Good Servants of God, you should be giving out what You Receive First Hand, not from the Next Person.

I also think it's highly insulting to JESUS the way so many of you spend more time conversing with "Fellow Ministries" in Fraternals

and such than you do with Him - kind of like "Too Busy To Pray" Hmmm. Yes, it's all Out In The Open on this platform Mateys.........

because I will not tell you in private, those things you wish to keep hidden. I don't have time for that, this is just the way Jesus has given me -

to address certain things with Christians and Ministries together on the same Page -

because they concern ALL OF US - the Body of Christ. So if that offends, so be it.

Tell It Like It True Prophetic........and the Licence is Very Expensive,

it's almost cost me three deaths, my health, a three years separation from my family

.......... I've asked The Lord to take this Calling from me three times.........I could go on.

He showed me some things in the 70's Genuine Prophetic Ministries made known 10 years ago.

I had the ability to shut my mouth and say nothing about them, unless He said to do so.

Those are my credentials, what are your credentials who concern yourselves with that?

Each one is Called to Move differently according to the Gifting that is given them - my expression won't be someone else's.

And if you are concerned about the congregation's confidence in you, don't worry about that because they could develop


and Learn To Trust Him Alone With Their Important Decisions "Looking To Jesus, The Author And Finisher Of Their Faith."

If that is the Testimony of some after reading this Address, my mission in part, with this Page is accomplished.

I'm Called to do His Bidding - in His Time - not mine and not yours. He likes me to address matters that concern Him Most -

some are Simple but Profound like Christian Behavior (the good and the bad). It troubles JESUS that His Church

is still in Infancy, behavior-wise, with many wanting to do "Exploits For God."

A Word To Believers

To those who were not aware, I've told you on this Page how the Church Model of Today Commenced. Doesn't sound so godly now does it?

And each time we look at the Church Services of Today, we can see what Scripture means when it speaks about


That's not just speaking about "Religious Churches" ........... sad to say, that speaks about the Christian Church in the main.

Sorry Friends, that's the uncomfortable Truth in Scripture AND Church History, concerning what we are accustomed to calling Local Churches

where we attend Buildings on a Sunday, the Pastor runs everything (in charge of) and you all summit to him (and leaders).

If we are to go on in God and do things JESUS WAY.........It needs to be seen for what it is.

How can He Bless something that started with Corruption? As a God of Grace we know Him to be, He has been patient for a time.


Towards "The Restoration of All Things" the Holy Spirit is Moving the Body of Christ ON IN THIS AREA many Pastors have been

RESISTING and saying "these Christians are rebellious, they have no Covering" and so on.

May I ask you "who is rebellious?"

When they kick out the Gifts of the Holy Spirit or don't function in them anymore; they sound their own trumpets; they badger for

"Tithes and Offerings" when the Apostle Paul explicitly said Not to do that; most of them preach SOCIAL GOSPEL now

which is Closely Akin to NEW AGE and they accept bribes from the Government as to what they can say or do,

so they Compromise with the Will of God to save their salary. And they dare to call themselves "your covering" excuse me!

Please Note: this does not describe Every Pastor - those who Carry the Presence of God are few and far apart.

Deeply Concerning

On the other side of things with Good Preachers, there's So Much Emphasis On and Talk About MINISTRY and MINISTRIES

in Christian Circles and So Little (in comparison) ABOUT JESUS, it really does grieve always did. I've walked with Jesus

50 years this year and apart from a truly Prophetic Church named Bethesda in the 70's and 80's that majored on the Presence of God

and Being a Family in Jesus, I've seen very little in Churches that GLORIFY GOD.

I've also Seen a lot of Immaturity in Prophetic Conference Groups apart from One in the Early 90's.

So if someone says "I'm Prophet So and So" or offers to give you "a prophecy" RUN and don't apologise for doing so.

I was told by a good Christian friend in Jamaica recently, when she visited the USA, she met a few Christians

with contact business cards who Claimed to be "Prophetic" and said to her if she wants a consultation or prophecy,

their charges would be so much or so much.

Plainly, if you ever encounter one of these, your words should be "How Dare You Make Merchandise Of God!"

and move on from there quickly! Besides my Bible tells me "Freely You Have Received, Freely Give" Mt 10:18

This we should All Know__ the Holy Spirit is Not an Agent to Sin!

(A good one to remember when Televangelists try to sell Answered Prayers.

We don't have to Pay for Blessings).

My Bible also tells me "Let him who names the Name of The Lord depart from Iniquity." 2 Tim 2:19

"A wise person is cautious and turns away from evil," Prov 14:16

"The Secrets of The Lord are with those who Fear Him." Ps 25:14

"Those Who Seek Me Diligently Find Me" Prov 8:17

The Prophetic Scene Is Still Far From Where It Should Be Really

In Different Respects

About 6 months ago, someone who used to run what is called 'Activation Groups' - that is to train brothers and sisters to give

prophecies to Christians in prayer, who felt they were "called to prophetic" - reported to me that

"she gave it away because Most of them were out to promote Their Ministry"..........

this grieved her spirit because she is PASSIONATE ABOUT JESUS.

To be honest, I've visited some of those prophetic circles with Activation Groups and most of them do not have

any such Calling on their lives but rather, a zeal or ambition and some are rightly called Immature Prophets because they don't have

a truly Christlike nature (they are more interested in spiritual gifts). There are a few genuine ones who attend from time to time,

The Lord has His Hand on and they prefer to Wait on God a lot - not so much the excitement others are moved by - and that's the best

place to be, close to His Heart, where we can hear His Voice Clearly. The Closer the Better. Contrary to the beliefs of some,

you do not find that "where all the action is" that often feeds the Soul-Realm, not our spirit. Who would you want to be giving

you prophecy - the one who likes to prophesy or someone who stays Close to the Heart of God? Like I said, there's a difference.

A Question For Christians

What do we owe so much Instability to in Christian Churches Today? Is it really just a Sign of the Times in these Last Days?

Or is it also a By-Product of so many years of unproductive Local Church Attendance with it's failings because it was instigated

by man and not by God, like we thought it was? I will leave that to your judgement - what has it done for you and

other Christians around you? I put it to you, that there's a lot of "Playing Church" that goes on to this day,

by Christians and Pastors alike, through the decades and It All Started Somewhere.

So you are not confused as to where I'm really coming from, I know there is such a thing as True Servants of God regardless of the

Church Model the Body of Christ finds itself in, but persisting with perpetuating that Model, for the most part, can only produce

Spiritually Weak Christians like we see around us Today, undernourished from that which TRULY SUSTAINS and SATISFIES,

found only in JESUS' WAY of LIVING and PATTERN for the CHURCH (Body of Believers).

An All Too Often Mistake Of Many

I’ve known a few Christian women who have made shipwreck of their lives or have “totally missed it” going where their aspirations led them or feeling inferior to “so many leaders” and this has caused them to step out and do the wrong thing because they felt intimidated by the “Church Leadership Model” and felt they did not measure up (there were so many Pastors and Leaders in her Church.

One of these women did not have to work, she was a Wonderful Wife and Mother – she devoted much precious time to her family and had a heart to Serve them and there was a real beauty about her. Then intimidation took over. One day she said something like “Everyone knows their calling but me. Everyone’s doing something, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t have plans for later on - no purpose. I’m thinking of going for the Ministry – I will take on University Studies”............which was the direct opposite to what The Lord had already given her AND She Was Happy In.

She even said to me in the same conversation “I am not sure about this though. I will really miss my Children through so many study hours and I know they’re going to miss me a Lot with my attention elsewhere." Her husband spends a few weeks away working on a regular basis

and she was always prepared and waiting to give him her undivided attention each time he came home and she would fill his desires with family times of “togetherness” after missing them while he’s away. See how confusion and discontent comes in and sweeps us away from God’s Best sometimes?

See, what a precious Calling she had that filled her with Joy so many times? That’s not a Calling!?

Friends, this thing called “Ministry” Today is much Over-rated. To be very honest with you, it really is. And I’ve seen so much strife behind the scenes through the years, where Jesus would lead me to step in and give an Encouragement or a few 'Simple and Profound Words'.

The Modern Day Church has so much to answer for – the Pattern Christ gave His Body (The Church) has become so distorted – It really has. And where believers are concerned, so many “Leaders” produces “Weak Christians” unequipped for these End Times. I saw this in my spirit years ago and knew it was Coming if things did not Change Dramatically. And here it is!

That's why I felt to commence this website, to give some Necessary Insights, we all need NOW in this Day and Age - we're here Now,

the contents of this website are relevant Now. We All need to be Aligned with JESUS and what HE is Speaking.

Do Not expect Pastors and Leaders to do that for you. That's making the same mistake the people of Israel made when they kept saying to Moses and Aaron "You seek The Lord for us".........and the secret is this: if each one of them had established a Close Walk With God themselves, the Promised Land was only a few days journey, but they weren't ready - they kept on leaving things to the Pastors, so to speak. And just like so many Christians Today, they kept on saying "we haven't made it there yet (to the things God promised) it's been a Long Time and it isn't getting any closer." Does that sound familiar? In a nutshell, that's pretty much what they said. Personally, I favor the Restoration of Home Churches which are coming back now because Everyone Seeks The Lord for themselves during the week and they all get together to Share Real Fellowship.

This is certainly Safer than following Celebrity Preachers OR having the Spiritual Life in You Stifled with So Many "Leaders".

Believers are reaching out to people in their communities instead, seeing them blessed by The Lord (like I have through the years

with those people HERE I met along the way in my walk with Jesus).

There is an emphasis on FAMILY also.

How rewarding and fulfilling is that? I wish you all well.

Picture This: If someone mentions an important need to us, we don't run to a Pastor to pray for them or "invite them to a service"

but that's exactly what the Constantine Model of Local Churches has taught us to do all these years. That's why he made the Church a

State Institution (Believers Moved In The Power). And that's why there's so many Leaders GOOD and BAD.

We need to Return To The Pattern, believe me, it will be Better and Safer

because it's CLOSE to the Heart of God!